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Solar Panels, Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installation Renewable Electricity, Doncaster, South Yorkshire

Renewable Energy Specialists Eclipse Solar offer Solar Panel Installations, Solar Thermodynamic Atmospheric Hot Water Systems and Heat Pump Solutions for all your heating requirements for home owners, land owners and house builders, based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. If you are looking for the right solution for your renewable energy needs, then you have come to the right place!

Eclipse Solar is the home of the very latest in Renewable energy systems, giving you a superb, cost effective solution to your energy needs, whilst contributing to a better, cleaner planet for our next generation.

See The Light

Solar Panels from Eclipse Solar ensure a greener future for your home or business, we’ll help you to reduce your carbon footprint and offer an excellent financial return. We all know the cost of living is going up, but imagine if you could save money on your bills, whilst doing your bit for the environment, Renewable energy is the forward. Creating a sustainable future is possible through new revolutionary technologies including Solar Photovoltaic panels, Thermodynamic Atmospheric Hot Water Systems and Heat Pump Technology.

Eclipse Solar is a Doncaster based Solar Panel company looking to provide tailored energy solutions for local households and businesses to give Doncaster and South Yorkshire a greener future. With the governments commitment to reducing Co2 emissions the incentives for going green have never been so good.


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